'Tis the Season for Creative Collaboration!

Posted by BenQ on Dec 22, 2017 11:15:13 AM



 It's that time of year when the mood turns festive, the parties more jolly and your team heads off to visit family and friends. Clients and business partners disappear for weeks to enjoy time with loved ones and the office gets quiet after the holiday party is over. How do you keep productivity going during the holidays and with critical team members working remotely?

Time is the most critical non-renewable resource in business. Companies that make the best use of their time have an unbeatable market advantage that accelerates their growth. The importance of time management has triggered the mobile revolution and now 81% of businesses depend on cloud-based applications. With businesses gradually migrating from desktops to mobile devices, the percentage of corporate employees working remotely has soared and meeting efficiency has been reduced as a result. 

Although cloud collaboration tools are the best answer for facilitating more collaborative meetings unrestricted by time, place or device, companies have been acting slow to adapt their meeting habits. A report on The State of Mobile Enterprise Collaboration found that only about a third of the companies have interactive cloud collaboration tools they need in order to succeed. Market leaders are taking advantage of that disconnection. 

On the other hand, collaborative technology can be intimidating, even for some IT specialists. A survey by AVI-SPL indicated that more than half of IT professionals consider their meeting room systems to be too complicated and hard to use. Three out of four said that they have experienced difficulties with the technologies inside their meeting rooms. For cloud collaboration technology to be valuable, it has to be both sophisticated and simple enough to use. 

Imagine a device that incorporates all the most advanced collaboration technologies in one interactive flat panel display and you will get Google Jamboard. It is a touch-driven digital whiteboard capable of facilitating Full HD video conferences. Users can also collaborate with others in real-time, while saving their works to the cloud. 

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