Tips From a Creative Director: The Future of Integration in Advertising

Posted by Vincent Kao, NEXT.0 Senior Creative Director on Feb 20, 2018 11:36:29 AM

A successful proposal needs to first integrate everyone's ideas

One of the biggest frustrations in advertising is how much the proposal changes with each stakeholder. Everyone thinks they know what the client wants and they continuously change their ideas only to realize that the client has a very different direction in mind.

I remember this campaign where it involved everyone from the client's marketing manager, to its director, VP, and even the GM. The process included several rounds of changes and with each round each person involved had their own ideas and input. After numerous changes implemented by our creative team, the film was finally ready to be shown to the GM for final approval. 

The GM took one look at the film and asked, "I like this idea, but maybe we should go in a different direction. "We all looked exhausted and deflated by that time. 

The problem wasn't that the GM had his own views, but that he didn't follow the series of adjustments, and was not able to understand the logic behind how we came to the final idea. To add to the frustration, we weren't able to bring up the previous ideas to explain the whole creative process. The room was tense and in the end, we had to find another time to go through the presentation with the chairman — pushing back everything.

Google G Suite allows you to quickly integrate various documents and comments 


After  that incident, I asked the AE to collate all the proposals together with the final presentation but this also had its challenges. Now, we have an even better solution. It's Jamboard, a digital whiteboard that comes with Google G Suite to ensure that our creative team is more efficient and professional. By downloading Jamboard app (download now for Android and iOS on a phone or tablet) on your mobile or tablet, you can easily send PDFs or various office files on Google Drive to the Jamboard digital whiteboard screen anytime and anywhere. Before Jamboard, we had to search for changes made to documents  by opening up all the older versions. The screen was messy and hard to follow. Now, in one document, we can see and review previous ideas and track the changes. We can easily go back to an older proposal as well and access everything on one screen.  
The great thing about this technology is that if you throw something onto the Jamboard screen, it instantly shares this with everyone who has the app, no matter where they are in the world. This powerful connectivity allows everyone to view the screen in real-time and make changes simultaneously. Discussions can be held via Google Hangouts Meet and every modification is instantly synchronized and tracked. This has truly made communication much more direct and our workflow more efficient. 

At the end of the meeting, the AE can simply convert the content on the Jamboard screen into a single image file or a compiled PDF file and directly email this to everyone! There's no need to type up notes or take photos of the board. 

Now with Jamboard and the app, it's easier to reach a consensus with the different stakeholders involved. I really cannot imagine how I've managed to integrate work efficiently in the past. If your agency still uses a whiteboard, projector, TV, and computer separately, you should rethink the way you're collaborating.

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