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Innovative features and installation flexibility make BenQ’s LU9715 the projector of choice for demanding applications

BenQ’s LU9715 incorporates a variety of features which make it outstanding choice for unique and difficult applications. The projector is compatible with eight difference lenses allowing it to be mounted almost anywhere in a room and still achieve a great result. Additionally, the laser light source allows the projector to be mounted at any angle along its horizontal or vertical axis meaning truly eye catching projections on floors and ceilings are now a possibility. The projector is also capable of projecting images in portrait mode, a unique feature for showcasing vertically oriented images.

1.07 Billion Colorific Colors

The LU9715 is a Colorific projector and incorporates Texas Instruments Digital Light processing (DLP) technology. Colorific projectors beam 1.07 billion colors and ensure that colors are bright, accurate and long lasting. Coupled with a powerful laser light source, the projector delivers 8,000 Colorific Lumens of brightness, making a great projector for large venues.



Laser Light source for unrivaled reliability and convenience

The LU9715 is powered by BenQ’s proprietary BlueCore laser technology which delivers an incredible 20,000 hours of performance without the need to replace a lamp. This unrivaled reliability saves times and money and delivers an industry leading total cost of ownership (TCO). This is complemented by an instant on/off capability and the ability to project from any angle which maximize convenience.

Color accuracy drives great presentations

True professionals know that accuracy is everything when presenting and the CH100 delivers. Powered by Texas Instruments Digital Light processing (DLP) this Colorific projector beam 1.07 Billion accurate and crisp colors making sure every presentation looks it’s very best. The Colorific technology is complemented by 1080p resolution and sRGB color, delivering exceptional image quality.

Portability and convenience 

Busy professionals demand convenience and the CH100 is ready for life on the go. Its light weight and compact size ensure it fits easily in a briefcase while it’s instant on/off capability ensuring it’s ready to go quickly. Finally, its short throw performance delivers a great presentation in rooms of all sizes. Additionally, it’s powered by an LED light source, so there is never the need to slow down and change a lamp!

Making the most of your free time

After a busy day, it’s important to get some down time and the CH100 is the perfect companion. A high contrast ratio, colorific image quality and in-built speakers means the projector is always ready for an impromptu movie session. Finally, the hidden usb dongle port means you can easily stream content making the CH100 a true all in one projector!