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The best images are not just about brightness (ANSI Lumens), it’s about accurate color. Color vs. Brightness.

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Under saturation

properly saturated
Proper saturation
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Over saturation

The right colors are key to effective images.

color accuracy

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BenQ’s HC1200

“The BenQ HC1200 is a unique conference room projector. Its emphasis on color and contrast instead of lumens means that it is a great projector for applications that demand color accuracy."

- Bill Livolsi,, HC1200

Color accuracy and the right brightness make BenQ’s HC1200 the ideal choice for conference room or home theater use

BenQ’s HC1200 is purpose-built to follow the sRGB (standard Red, Green, Blue) color standard. sRGB is a well-known and widely used standard for color accuracy in monitors, printers, cameras, and throughout the internet. It is intended as a guide to preserve and reproduce colors the way they are meant to be shown. The HC1200’s 2,800 sRGB lumens has the ability to subtlety differentiate between difficult to reproduce colors enabling the projector to deliver a more accurate image that appears brighter than a typical 4,000 lumen conference room projector1.

Up to 2X more ANSI contrast for more crisp and highly detailed images

The BenQ HC1200 not only delivers an impressive 10,000:1 ON/OFF contrast; it also has up to 2X more ANSI contrast than a typical projector in its class. This means the projector is able to better differentiate between dark and light content within the same image. With higher ANSI contrast, you can always expect a crisp and richly detailed image.

No color fade certified

At BenQ, we have worked hard to make sure our projectors deliver long-lasting, high quality imaging. Unlike traditional LCD projectors that may experience color fade over time, BenQ’s HC1200 ensures that your color will not fade. The color you see now will be the same color you will see years from now!

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