What Can You Do to Drive Collaboration in Your Meeting Room?

Posted by Andy Schwartz on Tue, Nov 14, 2017

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What Can You Do to Drive Collaboration in Your Meeting Room?

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Creating a collaborative environment in which employees are engaged and involved with the inner workings of a company can be a challenge. It takes a combination of a correctly organized structure and an accepting culture, and the right technology to enable those things along the way.

Laying the Foundation

The first step is to set the tone for collaboration. It starts with bosses on the management level implementing policies for the meeting room, such as making sure everyone at the conference table has the chance to speak up at least once.

The person piloting the meeting will need to lead these initiatives and proactively manage the flow of conversation in order to make sure that just one or two people don't dominate the discussion.

Finding the Technology

Once you have a core group of people willing to collaborate, you'll need the right technology to facilitate the process. Having a ready and willing team is an important step, but you'll find execution much more difficult without the correct technology to drive the whole operation.

There are a few different pieces of technology to consider, including display technology, which could mean something like a projector or an interactive flat panel. It all depends on your individual needs, how big your conference room is and how large the groups are that will be utilizing it.

Doing the Research

Also to be taken into consideration are a number of factors, such as resolution, color performance and installation flexibility.

And it's not just about how competent your technology is. It's about the way you're equipping meeting participants to allow them to effectively engage in the conferencing process and present their thoughts and ideas to the rest of the party.

Considering Your Employees

It can be intimidating for anyone to walk up to the front of a room and present from a single computer that's located in front of a group (especially for those introverts you never get to hear from that probably have some pretty stellar ideas). But having everyone seated at a table and expecting them to fish through a mess of wires in search of a central cord that connects to their laptop to is time consuming, and the process can quickly become frustrating.

What you need is a next-generation collaboration device that eliminates both of these issues at once. You need something expedient and easy to use that is compatible across multiple devices.

Later this week, we'll introduce the game-changing technology that will take collaboration in your meeting room to the next level. Tune back in to learn how to extract the best from your team.

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