What are the Key Elements Driving Reliability in Large Venues?

Posted by Andy Schwartz on Tue, May 02, 2017

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What are the Key Elements Driving Reliability in Large Venues?

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A large venue’s ability to provide a seamless performance and flawlessly perform tasks determines its reputation among both presenters and guests. Reliability is imperative.

But it’s an intricate and complex task to deliver complete reliability in a large venue. You have to be proactive in designing the venue and make sure you maintain it well.


Anything can happen while a presentation is going on. The highly politicized world we live in provides the perfect environment for protesters, who may interrupt a speaker in order to gain notoriety. Even a few minutes of disruption can spark a domino effect that causes numerous presenters to be delayed. Have a well-planned security patrol — one that is prepared with the “deter, detect, observe, report” methodology.


With thousands of people coming in and out, the risk of hosting sicknesses inside your large venue is a distinct possibility. Use a checklist system to maintain a regular maintenance program that both managers and cleaners can use to track progress and guarantee guests will leave without a sneeze.

Display Technology

Having the right technology in your venue has a lot of influence over how reliable it is as a whole. Without the right projectors, you’ll always have to expect the worst. When you’re choosing display technology for your venue, ensure you make reliable choices by talking to the experts.

Dual-lamp technology offers an improvement on the unpredictability of single-lamp technology, which can cause unexpected delays because it doesn’t have a backup lamp if the first one fails. But why not eliminate the problem altogether with a lampless projector such as a laser light source?

Laser light sources are the future of display technology. They offer more clarity and greater brightness than bulbs — and they don’t take time to warm up or cool down like a lamp does. They are more durable, use less energy and have the ability for 24/7 operation. They also have a longer life span, offering up to 20,000 hours of consistent projection.

In short: if you want ultimate reliability, go laser.

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