Why you need the BenQ ST550K to embrace the future of retail

Posted by Andy Schwartz on Mon, Oct 30, 2017

Why You Need the BenQ ST550K to Embrace the Future of Retail

BenQ Corporation

With the knowledge that the future of retail is rapidly changing, you know that methods that used to be tried-and-true just won't cut it anymore.

Without added value, your brick-and-mortar store will quickly be replaced by online sellers. If you want to keep customers pouring in through your storefront doors, you need to have that "wow" factor that will set you apart and allow shoppers to experience your product in a way that the Internet can't offer.

Topics: retail, digital signage, future, change, business

What does the future of retail look like?

Posted by Andy Schwartz on Wed, Oct 25, 2017

What Does the Future of Retail Look Like?

BenQ Corporation

With the advent of the Internet came a myriad of changes that have altered our modern world at an ever-increasing rate, not the least of which is the way retail is executed. And brick-and-mortar outlets are being forced to adjust accordingly in order to survive in the face of e-commerce and digital shopping.

Topics: retail, digital signage, future, change, business

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