The BenQ HT2150ST Gaming Projector Earns DisplayLag's Editor's Choice Award

Posted by BenQ on Thu, Mar 23, 2017

After waiting months for a fan-favorite video game to be released, the last thing a gamer wants to deal with is a poor gaming experience. Choosing the right equipment is a critical part of improving the gaming experience. After all, good gaming is not just a hobby — it's a lifestyle.

The folks at Display Lag, the world's largest headquarters for input lag databases, have made it their mission to consolidate reviews for HDTVs, monitors and everything else you might need in order to secure the optimal gaming experience. Thankfully, they have added projectors to the list of products to review; recently, they named BenQ's HT2150ST as their Editor's Choice.

The wide viewing angle of the HT2150ST grows digital battlegrounds to twice their size, and turns the world's sports arenas into larger-than-life spectacles to behold. The immersive gaming experience offered by the HT2150ST trumps the screens offered by most LCD TVs, requiring only 1.5 meters of space to project a screen of vivid colors 100 inches in size. According to Display Lag, the HT2150ST led to a more incredible gaming experience as "colors popped and contrast was excellent, with very little blurring to be seen."

Yet, most important to gamers is a low input lag screen. When you are in the heat of a gaming battle, every second counts. One lag between the system and the screen could be life or death — onscreen, anyway.

What drew Display Lag to the HT2150ST more than anything was the low input lag gaming, supported by the device's microsecond DMD response time. As the lowest input lag projector on the market, the HT2150ST's quick visuals without motion blur rivaled the responsiveness of the top gaming monitor in Display Lag's input lag database. Imagine performing some of the coolest gaming moves possible on a screen just as responsive as, and twice the size of, the best gaming monitor on the market.

With two different gaming modes to optimize the color display (including one that provides a strong gaming visual even in well-lit environments), a user-friendly menu and a customizable color temperature, it's no wonder Display Lag describes the HT2150ST as "a great fit for any home theater setup."

Don't take our word for it: read Display Lag's review for yourself here, and learn more about BenQ's HT2150ST home theater projector that "hit the ball out of the park.”


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