How to Make Your Home Theater Experience Better

Posted by BenQ on Thu, Jan 26, 2017


Make Your Home Theater Better

This is it: the viewing party you've been waiting for. All of your family and friends have started to arrive, the snacks you prepared are a huge hit and everyone's excited to finally see the show. One by one, your guests get comfortable in your home theater. As you project the event, you and your guests notice that the visuals are not very clear: the colors are not sharp, the quick movements are distorted and certain darker images are fuzzy. It changes the viewing experience. Suddenly, the poor projection may become the takeaway of the party.

Have the Right Equipment

For a host, a seamless experience is critical. Without the right equipment, your viewing party could go south — and fast. When it is a dependable projector you want with radiant colors and high-resolution display, look no further than the ColorificTM displays from BenQ home projectors.


HT4050 Home Theater Projector with Rec. 709 Cinematic Color

Home-Theater-experiece-benq-ht4050See movies and television the way they were meant to be seen. With the BenQHT4050 Home Theater Projector, incredible HD 1080p video pairs with fabulous Rec. 709 colors to provide high-resolution video in the exact same color palette in which filmmakers mastered the footage. You won't miss the action with the all-glass, cinema grade lens with low dispersion coatings — it's sharp, judder-free video with no chromatic aberration. Whether you decide to project in standard 2D or awe-inspiring 3D, your guests will be impressed with the clear video and dynamic colors of your home theater. 


HT6050 Home Theater ProjectorHome-Theater-experiece-benq-ht6050

Elevate your home theater to the next level with the HT6050 Home Theatre Projector. You will see the difference in the high contrast and precise color accuracy that has received THX HD Display Certification for the Finest Cinematic Color. With this projector, you're bringing the movie theater experience to your home for your guests to enjoy. Popcorn and fountain drinks are sold separately.



HT8050 4K UHD THX Certified Home Cinema Projector

Home-Theater-experiece-benq-ht8050The ultimate home theater experience has evolved with the BenQ HT8050 4K UHD THX Certified Home Cinema Projector, which rivals the movie-going experience of a commercial digital cinema. This projector produces 8.3 million pixels that ensures spectacular clarity, and the 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio ensures a supreme widescreen film-viewing event. The THX® HD Display Certification means that with this projector, you won't just see the video as it was envisioned by filmmakers; you will experience the film as it was meant to be experienced.



HT1070 1080p Sports Games Home Entertainment ProjectorHome-Theater-experiece-benq-ht1070

Sports-lovers, rejoice — the optimal game-viewing projector has arrived. Enter the HT1070 1080p Sports Games Home Entertainment Projector, bringing home the experience of a 100" Full-HD projected video at your favorite local bar. Activate the Sport Mode to be transported to a stunning display of colors that will make you feel like you're right there in the stadium, watching your favorite team run across fresh green grass.

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