5 Reasons Professional Gaming Monitors Give you a Winning Advantage

Posted by Ronald Kim on Tue, Nov 10, 2015


Advantages of a Pro Gaming Monitor

When it comes to gaming equipment, everyone knows it's vital to have a high performance computer, but the impact of a monitor is sometimes overlooked. Here are five ways a professional gaming monitor gives you a winning advantage.


144 HZ Refresh Rate benefit

The refresh rate of a monitor determines how many frames per second your monitor can display. If the monitor is 144 HZ refresh rate—like the ZOWIE BenQ XL series—you will be able to use and see 144 frames per second, which will provide you with smoother gameplay and dramatically reduced motion blur. These features allow mouse tracking, aiming, and flick shots to be that much easier since you have more frames to work with.


1 MS (GTG) Response Time (0.001 seconds)

Response time is often referred to as "input lag." This is how long it takes for an action from your mouse/keyboard/controller to display on the monitor. The lower the number, the faster the monitor can display your actions. It's vital to have a monitor that can keep up with your actions because every millisecond counts.

Reduced Eye Strain

Let's be real, who only plays video games for an hour? FlickerFree™ technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels—effectively reducing eye strain. Low Blue Light Technology filters up to 70 percent of the blue light spectrum, which has been shown to be the main cause of eyestrain, headaches, and sleeping disorders. With FlickerFree™ and low blue light technology, gamers can protect their eyes and enjoy longer gaming sessions.


Increased Color and Black Levels

I'd say one of the most annoying things is dying to a scumbag camper sitting in the darkest corner of the map. Black eQualizer effectively increases the brightness of all the dark areas without overexposing the light areas. Campers are no longer safe.

Display Respective Advantage

An adjustable monitor stand with the ability to tilt and swivel it allows you to align your eyes exactly how you want to the monitor. We recommend aligning your eyes horizontally and vertically with the mid-point of the monitor, generally where crosshair is placed. This way you can display your advantage by not only remaining ergonomic but strategically as well. 


Winning Advantages of Professional Gaming Monitors


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