Brightness Intelligence and Eye Strain

Posted by BenQ on Wed, Nov 30, 2016


Why Are My Eyes Strained?

Whether for work or play, many of us spend hours a day staring into a screen of some size. This number has risen from eight and a half hours a day in 2009 to eleven hours a day in 2015. Even if our jobs are not Internet-focused or computer focused, there are still dozens of small ways for us to engage with screens: checking the time on our phones, glimpsing an ad playing overhead at the grocery store, reviewing flight times on an airport monitor.

Eye strain and your monitor settings

The lighting in these scenarios can vary drastically. You might be at home watching TV before bed in a dark room or browsing your emails in an office full of fluorescent light. Either way, the illumination of your environment has more of an effect than you might think on how your eyes are strained because they are working harder to see the screen.

Your Monitor Screen is Most Likely the Cause

Devoting thought to how your screen time affects your eyes may seem silly. After all, the whole purpose of backlit screens is to enable work in environments with low or undependable light; but it is nonetheless wise to ensure that the ambience around you is as conducive as it can be to your optical health.

Monitor Specifications to Reduce Eye Strain

Because eye strain slows you down, hurts your productivity, and shortens the lifespan of your eyes, it is imperative that you make sure your screen viewing conditions are optimal, even during fun pursuits (like watching a movie) that are easy to dismiss as "unimportant.”

Black Equalizing Color Setting

To keep from missing crucial details, make certain that the image quality rendered on your screen is razor sharp. Dark details on a dark background can be unduly hard on your eyes, especially in low-light surroundings; a black equalizer feature is an added help if you view this kind of image often.

Brightness Intelligence

Easily adjustable technology like brightness modification is a good investment in the long-term health of your eyes. When your monitor detects the brightness of the content being displayed, plus the lighting of the room you're in, and adjusts accordingly, you reap double benefits: a viewing experience optimized for your eye health, and more saved energy because you aren't using more backlight than you need.

Remember, just like your limbs and core benefit from a little time at the gym, your eye muscles could use exercise too. Keep them limber by looking away from the screen regularly and focusing on objects at different distances. Small breaks like this make it even more of a treat when you return your eyes to the screen to feast anew on the clarity of the display you've chosen.

With the right monitor, you will be comfortable, alert, and ready to command every detail of any scenario.
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