BenQ Gaming Monitor update.. new game mode update for Diablo III

Posted by Wes Stalcup on Wed, Jun 27, 2012

Diablo III went live on May 15 & is one of the best selling PC game of all time.  Blizzard Entertainment reported 6.3 million people playing Diablo III worldwide only a week after release. Some launch issues have brought criticism but devoted fans are still logging 10's of thousands of hours. 

The BenQ D3 Game Mode for the BenQ XL2420T & XL2420TX Gaming Monitors is compatible with the following graphic cards: NVIDIA GTX465, NVIDIA GTX560 ti, NVIDIA GTX570, ATI R6850, ASUS GTX560 Ti, MSI GTX465, GTX500 and GTX560, and is tuned to deliver below benefits to gamers:

  • While increasing visibility among the darkened areas, the Diablo III Game Mode stays true to the Diablo series’ legacy: the dark and moody atmosphere of burning hells.
  • The Diablo III Game Mode makes chests (where weapons, money, and other treasures are held) more visibly and drastically increasing item-grabbing efficiency.
  • The Diablo III Game Mode is properly adjusted so it’s easier on Diablo III enthusiasts’ eyes, allowing more comfortable extended viewing.

Download the loader ZIP file here  (scroll down on page)    

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diablo iii resized 600

Let us know how you like the game mode for Diablo III on the BenQ XL2420T - comment below


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