BenQ America Warranty/Service Info on U.S. Products Used Overseas

Posted by Wes Stalcup on Thu, May 31, 2012

We have received a number of inquiries from customers who have purchased BenQ products inBenQ logo the US and shipped or taken them for use overseas. The following statement applies to customers outside of the US who are requesting service for their products.

In response to inquiries for service and upgrades to the BenQ XL2420TX which were purchased in the US and shipped/taken overseas, please note the following warranty terms outlined in paragraph 1 BenQ America Corp. End User Limited Warranty:

BenQ America Corp. (“BenQ”) warrants the BenQ LCD Monitor (“Product”), you have purchased from BenQ or from a BenQ authorized reseller/retailer to be free from defects in materials or workmanship under  normal consumer use during the warranty period in the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska.

As outlined in the warranty terms,  BenQ  America Corp. does not warrant products outside of the warranty period nor outside of the continental US, Hawaii and Alaska (collectively, “the US”).  In the instance of the XL2420TX, this model is not available for sale outside of the US by BenQ America Corp.  and therefore likewise is not serviceable outside of the US.  However, BenQ America Corp. will provide service/upgrades to firmware with certain limitations as below.

If you purchase a product from a BenQ authorized reseller/retailer in the US, who agrees to ship the product outside of the US, you will need to contact the reseller/retailer for service options for your product. We may be able to complete repairs submitted through the original reseller/retailer in the US.

All other US purchased products but currently located outside of the US , such as those that were purchased in the US and shipped overseas from a US address, or those that were purchased in the US and taken overseas, will need to be sent to us at the sole cost of the owner, to handle the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)  process. Please note that BenQ will not return the product to any address outside of the continental US, Hawaii or Alaska. As such, you will need to provide a US return address for the product to be shipped to, following any repairs/upgrades.

Please note that the preceding statement also applies to other BenQ products sold by BenQ America Corp. or its authorized reseller/retailer in the continental US, Hawaii or Alaska


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