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BenQ infoComm 2014 Technology Preview

Posted by Bob Raymond on Wed, May 14, 2014

Company Quote:
"BenQ's philosophy centers on providing market-first innovations that matter. This vision has made our company one of the fastest growing display brands in North America and has enabled us to develop exciting new solutions that put smart, collaborative, eye-catching products into the hands of students, professionals, and mainstream consumers. It has also allowed us to introduce several key initiatives including our BEST Education and Integrators' Choice partner programs, further strengthening our support of both the education sector and the professional integration channel. At InfoComm 2014, we look forward to unveiling an unprecedented new lineup of next-gen solutions, including high-brightness Colorific projectors, visually-stunning digital signage panels, interactive technologies, and RevolutionEyes monitors, all delivering a perfect balance of performance, reliability, and design."
Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President, Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp.

BenQ Products on Display at InfoComm 2014:
Creators of immersive learning spaces, broader boardroom collaboration, and billion-color visual entertainment, BenQ's InfoComm roster brings together innovations for applications in education, business, home theater, digital signage, and more. Powered by Colorific™ technology to deliver accurate, crisp, and long-lasting image quality, BenQ's newest projectors include professional high-brightness units, interactive devices for more captivating classroom experiences, and a compact portable model for setups on the go. BenQ will also share the benefits of its energy-saving SmartEco™ technology, which can increase lamp life up to an amazing 10,000 hours. For digital signage and commercial applications, BenQ is introducing multiple 4K Ultra HD panels, a host of interactive displays with tablet-like navigation, more engaging slim bar displays, and dual-sided signage. Also on display will be BenQ's first-ever 4K Ultra HD CAD/CAM professional monitor, now featuring BenQ's RevolutionEyes™ technology for exceptional monitor performance.

BenQ is Attending infoComm14 - Join us!

Posted by Bob Raymond on Tue, May 13, 2014

See the latest BenQ technologies for video, display, projection, digital signage and much more at InfoComm 2014.

Visit BenQ Booth # C8531 where we will be featuring

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BenQ America Corp. Announces XL-Z Series Gaming Monitor Firmware Update And Support for Authorized Third-Party Software Utilities

Posted by Bob Raymond on Fri, Mar 21, 2014

The belief behind our gaming monitors is simple. Deliver market-first features that give you, the gamer, an opportunity to edge out your opponents. That's why we design all of our gaming products in close collaboration with professional gamers. Using behind-the-scenes input, testing, and feedback, our engineers are able to develop significant innovations that create amazing onscreen experiences for all gaming enthusiasts and pro gamers.

With the release of our new XL-Z Series, we pushed the limits of performance once again by becoming the first major brand to provide blur reduction technology on our monitors. Using this technique, blurring effects are dramatically reduced on the majority of the screen to provide a smoother game play. This doesn't mean that ghosting and/or crosstalk have been entirely eliminated (low levels can still occur), but you will notice a substantial improvement in the way action moves across your screen. Last year, we tested our blur reduction breakthrough with several professional gamers and at high profile events, and the response was so enthusiastically positive, that we decided to include the feature on our entire line of XL Series monitors.

Thanks to your valued feedback, we're releasing a firmware update for our current XL-Z Series monitors to enable the use of select BenQ-authorized third party optimization utilities. The new Blur Busters Strobe Utility for our XL-Z Series monitors – which is available now – enables the optimization of our XL-Z Series monitor's blur reduction settings to allow you to customize it according to your own personal gaming preferences. Although our monitors are already optimized for high speed gaming, this optional utility lets you personalize the monitor's blur reduction settings even further. Yet again, BenQ is first-to-market with this type of capability, and we're excited to offer you flexible options to achieve the best possible gaming experience.

For gamers/users with XL-Z Series monitors who would like to further customize their blur reduction functions beyond factory settings, BenQ America Corp. will provide an optional free service update to install the new firmware – you only have to pay the shipping to our service center.

Download the XL-Z Series Gaming Monitor Firmware Update document (PDF - 386kb) and follow the three simple steps to return your unit.

Download Instructions PDF

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Start the New Year with Super Rebates!

Posted by Bob Raymond on Fri, Jan 10, 2014

Take advantage of the dynamite deals on BenQ's top performing projectors – while supplies last! Contact your BenQ Sales Representative to learn more today.

Super Rebates on W1070 & W1500
With BenQ's W1070 and W1500 home theater projectors, the big game's larger-than-life action is within reach. The 3D-ready, 1080P projectors are now available at a super value!

New M5 Series Projectors are Brighter with Longer Lamp Life

Posted by Bob Raymond on Thu, Oct 31, 2013

New Projectors Offer Ultra-Bright 3000 ANSI Lumens, New Presenter Tools, and
Up to 10,000 Hours of Lamp Life

We introduced our revamped line of M5 series projectors on October 31st this year. Comprised of the MS504, MS521, MX505, MX522, and MW523, the projectors specifically designed for small to medium-sized spaces, now bring an ultra-bright 3,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, Colorific™ image quality, and an astounding 10,000 hours of maximum lamp life for home, business, and education settings. The projector family's newest products also feature both Blu-ray and stereoscopic 3D support in addition to a wide range of new presenter tools.

Download the upgrade/comparison chart.

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BenQ MX661 Projector Simplifies Wireless Presentations for BYOD Applications

Posted by Bob Raymond on Wed, Aug 14, 2013

Now Shipping, Corporate Projector Introduces Latest QPresenter App for Handheld Device Sharing

BenQ America Corp. announced on 23 June 2013 the availability of its new MX661 projector. Designed for corporate applications, the device features 3,000 lumens of brightness, a 13000:1 contrast ratio, and energy-saving technology to lower the projector's total cost of ownership (TCO). Delivering an amazing one billion stunning colors, the MX661 offers Colorific™ image quality for accurate, crisp, and long-lasting color. With the MX661, BenQ is also introducing its latest version of QPresenter — the wireless software app that lets presenters and participants share files directly from their handheld devices.

To balance superior image quality with today's Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requirements, BenQ's MX661 uses XGA native resolution to bring more picture details to the screen. When paired with the QPresenter app, up to four participants can collaborate and share documents, photos, and Internet content directly from their tablets to the boardroom's projection display. Users can also collaborate on Office and iWork® documents, capture live photos, as well as upload and download files directly from iTunes®, Dropbox, or their email accounts.

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BenQ Donates MX813ST Classroom Projector to Boost Interactive Learning for United Teachers of Dade

Posted by Bob Raymond on Mon, Jul 15, 2013

On 11 July, BenQ announced that the company donated a MX813ST short-throw projector to the United Teachers of Dade (UTD) in order to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of its teaching staff. As part of UTD's Professional Development, Best Practices for Interactive Whiteboard Program, a teacher will be using the projector to help transform classroom learning into a more interactive experience.

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BenQ Introduces Amazing ZeroFlicker™ Technology for Gaming at MLG Spring Championship

Posted by Bob Raymond on Fri, Jun 28, 2013

eSports Athletes Get First Look at New LED Monitor Innovation That Eliminates Flicker Issues for Longer, More Comfortable Gaming Sessions

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BenQ Unveils Brilliant Display Products at InfoComm 2013

Posted by Bob Raymond on Tue, Jun 25, 2013

Company Expands Leadership with New Digital Signage and Interactive Touch Displays, High Brightness Projectors, Classroom IQ Solutions, and Enhancements to World-Leading SmartEco™ Technology


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