Are you driving collaboration in your meeting room?

Posted by Andy Schwartz on Tue, Nov 07, 2017

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Are you driving collaboration in your meeting room?

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If you're like most of the white- or blue-collar employees in the workforce, chances are you attend a lot of meetings, many of which run too long, may not have a clear agenda and don't allow you an opportunity to speak your mind.

Too often, employees are talked at rather than given the chance to collaborate and contribute ideas in meetings. Conferences are sessions run singlehandedly by one person, or a very small group, in which the majority of the people involved aren't even expected to play a part. Management may not have a plan in place to garner employee input during meetings. It can make the time spent in the conference room seem lengthy, boring and futile.

Even during meetings where participation is encouraged, authoritative personalities often dominate the discussion.

Consequences of a lack of collaboration

A lack of collaboration can quickly lead to negative consequences. Groupthink occurs when creativity is lost due to a lack of varying perspectives and a discomfort with offering ideas that may be considered radical or too outside-of-the-box. Suboptimal decision-making is a phenomenon caused by complacency that leads to a below-average performance level, either by singular employees or an organization as a whole.

As necessary as comprehensive employee contribution is, it can complicate the meeting process and cause the discussions to run even longer when more than one or a small handful of people try to collaborate ideas or bring issues to the table. When technology comes into the equation, necessitating the use of computers, cables and other devices, the entire process gets even more complicated.

There's a distinct need for an all-inclusive solution that will allow everyone to have his or her individual voice heard around the conference table without extending meeting times.

Later this week, we'll discuss different ways to increase collaboration in your meeting room and avoid the adverse side effects of unilateral conferences that can be a detriment to your company.

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