Are you delivering a unique and engaging retail experience?

Posted by Andy Schwartz on Thu, Apr 27, 2017


Are You Delivering a Unique and Engaging Retail Experience?

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It used to be a requirement to visit a physical retail store when you needed to make a purchase. But with the advents of new technology, reality is changing, and the modern idea of retail has been drastically modified. Even within the past decade, retailers like Amazon have altered the world as we know it.

Thanks to the Internet and the ever-expanding possibilities it brings, customers no longer need to physically visit a retail store to make a purchase. While Amazon is first to come to mind for many, platforms like Google Express are taking a page out of Jeff Bezos' book and vying for online attention.

Even some customers visiting non-electronic retail locations may only be making a quick visit to pick up a purchase both researched and conveniently made possible through e-commerce. And because customers are spending less time in-store, physical retailers are facing a growing problem of making fewer sales.

It's time to face reality: the tried-and-true retail format that has worked for so many decades just isn't cutting it anymore. Our retail landscape is rife with examples of stores who have refused to embrace innovation and faced the consequences; they're losing market share, valuable profits and loyal customers who recognize the value of online convenience.

Convincing customers to visit a physical store and stay to shop around, particularly for high-end items, requires a unique and engaging experience. You have to immerse customers in the brand and create a mental image in their brain of precisely how your company's products cater to their lifestyles.

You have to plan for the future and provide an experience so indispensably tangible that consumers choose you over online transactions. You need to set yourself apart. When considering the quickly-growing market of millennials who are conditioned to believe online is better, this becomes especially important.

Check back next week for our discussion of how you can set your retail environment apart.

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