5 Ways to Get the KO in Street Fighter on a BenQ ZOWIE RL Series Monitor

Posted by Ronald Kim on Thu, May 05, 2016

BenQ ZOWIE RL-series monitors, adopted worldwide by most professional eSports tournaments and gamers, have exclusive features to give you a bad a$$ Street Fighter gaming experience as you KO your opponents.

Lag-free Technology Providing Real-time Response

All BenQ ZOWIE RL series monitors are designed to provide a fast, lag-free gaming experience. This is imperative for fighting games like Street Fighter where every millisecond counts. With a fast eSports monitor, you’re able to see and respond to your opponents’ actions up to 10x faster than a TV or “normal” monitor.

Built in HDMI Out

The BenQ ZOWIE RL2460HT is the first console eSports monitor built with an HDMI out. Why it matters?:

  • With the HDMI out you can connect a second monitor so you can compete head-to-head without having to share the same screen.
  • Without HDMI out, anyone who streams their game to the computer or online has to connect their capture device before the monitor; which causes lag. With HDMI out, you can connect your console to the monitor and then to the capture card, eliminating the input lag.

ZeroFlicker Technology

ZeroFlicker Technology helps reduce eye strain, which can help keep you playing while you dominate with your signature match-ending roundhouse kicks to the jaw.

Special Designed Frame

Concentration is key. The RL series LCD frame is specially designed to reduce light reflection from the screen, keeping your focus on the game and your opponent’s c.hp.

Adopted Preferred by Most Professional eSports Tournaments and Players

Not to brag, but we’re the official eSports gaming monitor for tournaments worldwide, including DreamHack Austin Street Fighter, EVO, UMG, Bandai Tekken 7 tour and Major League Gaming.

Professional teams like Evil Geniuses, Cloud 9, EnvyUS, Flash Wolves, mousesports, JWong, K-Brad, ChocoBlanka, Momochi, PPMD, PR Balrog, Ricki Ortiz and Mang0 also swear by our monitors.

Go Next Level on ‘Em

If you want to take your console eSports gaming to the next level, grab a BenQ ZOWIE RL series monitor—trusted and used by the best.

See RL-Series Monitors in Action

DreamHack Austin console competitors will experience the benefits of the RL2460HT features this weekend—it’s the official monitor for the Street Fighter V tournament with a guaranteed $5,0000 pot bonus and a chance to win Capcom Pro Tour points. Competitors will also battle in the Pokkén tournament, the new Pokémon fighting game, for a $5,000 prize pool and points for the World Championships.

You can follow the action of all things DreamHack Austin on their webpage (http://dreamhackaustin.com/) and on our Twitter account (@ZOWIEbyBenQ).

If you’re attending Dreamhack Austin, stop by our booth #135 to chat with our experts and try our newest products.

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